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You’re in the right place for weight loss.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Athmed & Aesmed.we guarantee that it’s here on Athmed & Aesmed.
People can benefit a lot from this product including enhancing circulation, helping with weight loss, balancing blood sugar, and improving detoxification. .
We aim to provide the highest quality weight loss.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Professional AM V8-1 manufacturers
    Professional AM V8-1 manufacturers
    Athmed & Aesmed Professional AM V8-1 manufacturers,This machine has combined with the RF, vacuum, outer automatic roller, infrared light, cavitation, BIO, lipo laser. It is the new updates of V9 Vacuum cavitation technology. It also combines with RF and photons (red) to generate heat. It can penetrate the skin to a depth of 15mm by mechanical movement, which is far more than the depth of the other devices currently on the market. While the heat is conducted, the mechanical movement is carried out simultaneously and so is the fat. 
  • Athmed C37 HIFEM EMSLIM Magnetic weight loss muscle stimulation machine for weight loss
    Athmed C37 HIFEM EMSLIM Magnetic weight loss muscle stimulation machine for weight loss
    7 Tesla High IntensityTeslaSculpt based on 7 Tesla high intensity magnetic energy, which could cover big skeletal muscles of the human body, and this high energy level allows musle responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure.Stronger Stimulation Double layer Coil generates d.eeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects.Double Sculpting Two Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns independently or simultaneously.High EffeciencyTeslaSculpt allows you to do 36,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle and while at the same time dissolving fat.
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