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1.Athmed&Aesmed employees have monthly skills training in cosmetic equipment operations to consolidate their expertise and how to use the machine for optimal results.
2.First heating for three minutes can make the blood circulation in the treatment area better to achieve the best treatment effect.
3.For specific product warranties, please refer to your quote/invoice. We consider that you need to provide customers with a one-year warranty after purchase, so our company will provide you with more than one month of inventory time, reducing your stress. I hope this will give you peace of mind and confidence to work with us on a regular basis.
4.Replace the new machine - If within 30 days of receiving the goods (* Take the date of receipt of the goods logistics as the actual date of receipt), it is found that the machine is not working properly (except for non-human or other malicious acts), we replace the new machine for free.

About Athmed & Aesmed

Athmed & Aesmed Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd established in 2009,  a  Professional Portable Beauty Machine Supplier. We have independent R & D centers, sales and after sales service departments. At the same time, we can provide professional technical support and after-sales service in the first time. Since 2009, Athmed & Aesmed already built 3 branches in China, Beijing, Langfang (Hebei) and Wuhan (Hubei). Also, built 1 branch in Japan (Tokyo). At present, our products include 808nm diode laser, IPL/OPT,  RF,  water oxygen, vacuum / cavitation / lipo laser / Cryolipolysis system, HIFU,  Nd Yag, 980nm laser, ESWT,  microneedle, home beauty equipment, etc. About 50 models are exported to the global market. Professional customization(OEM & ODM).Our professional engineers and advanced equipment which can enable us to design and manufacture new products according to the buyer's requirements. Providing customers with the ability to tag buyers and design services makes us an attractive choice.Quality is Life, Integrity is Fundamental, Efficiency is Key, Sharing is Theme. Athmed & Aesmed have been working hard and are determined to make every entrepreneur of the beauty industry able to purchase high-quality and cost-effective portable beauty equipment. About After-Sale: 1. Replace the new machine - If within 30 days of receiving the goods.2. Damage to the goods - If on the day of receipt of the goods .3. Warranty - The mainframe of all our machines provides a 13-month .

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