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Ice sculpture board machine


Display screen:  10.4 inch LCD

Cooling temperature: -1℃ to -9℃

Cooling handle: 8 pads

Heating temperature: 37℃ to 45℃(preheating for 3 minutes) 

Input voltage:   110V/220V

Output Power:   1000W 

fuse:  15A

Host size:  57(L)×34.5(W)×41.5(H)cm

Air box size: 67×44×86.5cm

Air box weight:  13kg

Gross weight:   38.5kg



Welcome to choose our company's latest product ice sculpture board machine. The machine is equipped with eight handles, which supports one handle to work independently to eight handles at the same time. It adopts a new integrated device refrigeration plate, non-vacuum adsorption refrigeration technology, and the freezing plate is flat It can be applied to the target area and fixed with straps, which can be widely used in many parts of the body. It’s an instrument with selective and non-invasive freezing methods to reduce local fat.Originated from the research and invention of Harvard University in the United States, the technology has passed FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), South Korea KFDA and CE (European Safety Certification Mark) certification, and has been widely used in clinical applications in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.As fat cells are sensitive to low temperature, the triglycerides in fat will change from liquid to solid at 5℃, crystallize and age, and then induce fat cell apoptosis, but do not damage other subcutaneous cells (such as epidermal cells, black cells). Cells, dermal tissue and nerve fibers).

It’s equipped with six replaceable semiconductor silicone probes. The treatment heads of different shapes and sizes are flexible and ergonomic, so as to adapt to the body contour treatment and are designed to treat double chin, arms, abdomen, side waist, buttocks (under hips). Banana), fat accumulation in thighs and other parts. The instrument is equipped with two handles to work independently or synchronously. When the probe is placed on the skin surface of a selected area on the human body, the probe's built-in vacuum negative pressure technology will capture the subcutaneous tissue of the selected area. Before cooling, it can be selectively performed at 37°C to 45°C for 3 minutes The heating phase accelerates the local blood circulation,then it cools by itself, and the precisely controlled freezing energy is delivered to the designated part. After the fat cells are cooled to a specific low temperature, the triglycerides are converted from liquid to solid, and the aging fat is crystallized. The cells will undergo apoptosis in 2-6 weeks, and then be excreted through the autologous lymphatic system and liver metabolism. It can reduce the thickness of the fat layer of the treatment site by 20%-27% at one time, eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues, and achieve localization. Body sculpting effect that dissolves fat. Cryolipolysis can fundamentally reduce the number of fat cells, almost no rebound!

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Athmed&Aesmed employees have monthly skills training in cosmetic equipment operations to consolidate their expertise and how to use the machine for optimal results.
Quality is Life, Integrity is Fundamental, Efficiency is Key, and Sharing is Theme. Athmed & Aesmed have been working hard and are determined to make every entrepreneur of the beauty industry able to purchase high-quality and cost-effective portable beauty equipment.
Our professional engineers and advanced equipment which can enable us to design and manufacture new products according to the buyer's requirements. Providing customers with the ability to tag buyers and design services makes us an attractive choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Does the customer need to avoid all medicines during the freezing lipolysis period?

Customers should not take any drugs that affect blood flow 10 days before treatment.

OTC drugs such as aspirin, antibiotics, and fish oil may also cause skin damage, so it should not be taken 10 days before treatment.


Q2:How long does it take for freezing pad treatment?

It’s recommended that treatment takes 30-50 minutes. The operator needs to determine the intensity and time of freezing lipolysis according to the area to be treated. During the treatment, the client can adopt a comfortable posture to relax, sleep, read or listen to music. Please be careful not to exceed the recommended treatment time.


Q3:Will it rebound after finishing treatment?

After treatment, the symptoms of local fat accumulation will not rebound under the premise of controlling the body weight roughly unchanged. It’s to make fat tissue undergo apoptosis and phagocytosis under the action of low temperature, excrete it from the body through metabolism, and ultimately reduce the number of fat cells in the treatment area and improve the local contour. After treatment, the number of local fat cells will no longer increase, so if you can follow a reasonable diet, choose a healthy lifestyle, and avoid overeating, the volume of remaining fat cells will not increase, so there will be no symptom rebound. 

Q4:How long will the effect be seen after treatment?

Usually, significant results can be seen within 2 ~ 3 months after treatment, Because everyone’s metabolic rate is different, after about three weeks, the thickness of the fat layer at the treatment site begins to decrease. After 2-3 months, the fat layer at the treatment site becomes thinner, and the relaxation curve will be better.If you want to be thinner, you can discuss the evaluation with your doctor for the second course of treatment after 3 months. According to the degree of obesity and stubbornness, it can have an obvious effects after doing it three to five times.

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