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Hot Sculpting uses monopolar radio frequency (RF) deep heating as its core technology, using controlled monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology to provide targeted heating to large and small areas without damaging the skin.The fat and dermis are heated to 43-45°C through radio frequency devices of different shapes, which continuously generate heat and burn fat cells, making them inactive and apoptotic. After several weeks to several months of treatment, the apoptotic fat cells will pass through the body. Gradually metabolically excreted, the remaining fat cells are rearranged and compressed, and the fat layer is gradually thinned, reducing the fat by an average of 24-27%. At the same time, the heat can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis, the elastic fibers naturally produce immediate contraction and tightening, and repair the connective tissue, so as to achieve the effect of dissolving fat and sculpting the body, tightening the cheeks and eliminating the double chin.

Use 2MHZ monopolar radio frequency to deliver even energy to the fat layer and then maintain a comfortable skin temperature. Allows you to treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously for maximum results and patient satisfaction.

Real-Time Temperature Control: Continuously monitors skin temperature and automatically adjusts energy delivery to comfortably heat and maintain skin to 45°C while the surface temperature remains 5-6°C cooler than deep fat temperatures

Fat heating selectivity: Optimized energy delivery and heating enhance selective apoptosis within subcutaneous adipose tissue.

On average, 24-27% of fat cells are irreversibly damaged.

Over a 12-week period, damaged fat cells were slowly broken down and eliminated from the treated subcutaneous adipose tissue.

About 24 percent of the fat cells were irreversibly damaged 12 weeks after treatment, causing them to be excreted by the body.


1. Non-invasive and non-ablative.

2. The discomfort of this therapy is minimal, which can be compared to hot stone massage.

3.No consumables, non-invasive and painless, no anesthesia, no side effects, no recovery period, you can do whatever you want without affecting your normal work and life.

4. It is easy to use without an operator, and it is simple and safe.

5. Simultaneous treatment of multiple areas, 15 minutes of rapid treatment, 6 (flat fixed) hands-free handles that can cover 300cm² at the same time on the abdomen and both sides.

6. Special hand-held handle, suitable for smaller and more sensitive parts of the body, such as side breasts, double chin, face.

7. Maintain the subcutaneous temperature of the treated area evenly throughout the procedure.

8. Removes fat from the treated area while rejuvenating and firming the skin.


9. The system features an intuitive interface and a range of handles to customize treatment, whether for multiple hands-free areas or a single handle area for treatment.

10. Intelligent temperature control system, the radiofrequency energy delivery is dynamically adjusted based on the continuous monitoring of the skin temperature, and the intelligent temperature control is within the set comfortable temperature, which can safely and effectively avoid tissue damage.

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